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Yes, Cod has returned, for that 6th consecutive year. This November brings us the sequel to of Duty Black Ops, which for me is the better COD game. So naturally I'd high expectations for the campaign, zombies, and multiplayer.

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Lets obtain the campaign out of the way first. The tale takes place in 2025 and possesses missions sprinkled in, which can be set through the cold war. Black Ops 2 is a disappointment around the story front personally. The beautiful much just forget about a lot of the things from your first on and is also now just another COD campaign that provides you with all over the place and you also don't know what the heck is being conducted. Nevertheless the visuals are nicer than previous installments and you still have all the large set pieces. Although the story wont impress, the campaign remains fun to try out through.

Treyarch struck gold with zombies when they released World at War and is also now attached to every COD game they release. The graphics look fantastic and gameplay feels great. Tranzit mode is a fairly touch and i also like the idea of your bus taking you to definitely different locations to battle zombies. The typical survivor mode is back and is also fantastic.

Now for multiplayer. Well, its the best Call of Duty multiplayer ever. The gameplay feels absolutely perfect. Its smooth and fast paced and is also very fun to try out. The new pick 10 develop a class can be a much invited break from the usual. The selection of guns is good, although not as wide as previous COD games. There are the usal game modes and they've added kill confirmed this time around. You can prestige your guns twice with a max level of 20. There are ten prestige's and 55 ranks now. Every one of the maps are average to really good and well designed. Possibly the biggest plunge to the multiplayer will be ditching the killstreaks for point streaks. Its harder to build your point streaks up, given that they reset once you die. However it does make for more tactical decisions and enables you to take into consideration how to play.

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This is a great Call of Duty game and it is now the new standard from the series. I do believe taking Cod to the near future was obviously a sensible choice and cant wait to find out where it is going next.


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